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About Us

Ontario High Voltage Services was founded in 2021. "OHV" is a full service medium voltage contractor, we specialize in substation construction, overhead and underground feeders maintenance and testing. Our crews consist of master electricians, powerline technicians and apprentices. Our main crew is overseen by a 35 year utility lineman veteran. OHV has the manpower and equipment to assist in any situation. OHV also keeps an excessive stock of powerline tools, materials and equipment to assist in emergency situations. Our core belief is delivering a safe and reliable solution for our customers in a timely manner.  


Mission Statement

To Achieve Excellence in Safety, Efficiency and Leadership


OHV believes quality in product and workmanship is above all when working with our customers. Our business is founded on delivering quality in a safe manner. 


OHV's most important asset is our team of highly skilled and knowledgeable staff. Our staff ensure each and every project is completed safely, effectively and on time. 


OHV believes strongly in do what you say and say what you mean. We offer an upfront approach to every project and stick to our agreements to deliver projects in a timely manner. 

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